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Despite the efforts of business, supply chain remains the Achilles heel in security while presenting a low risk for small or large- scale banditry in their actions on route.L Piracy 'experience in recent years on HPI escorts for sensitive products and fiduciary products, allows us to set up and rapid adaptation on the ground as soon as the developed procedures and tactics are endorsed with the client. With qualified personnel and appropriate equipment, with date procedures and draconian confidentiality, HPI provides escorts of various kinds in all countries of Europe and the world.
The increase in demand for securing the supply chain has led us to pursue and ensure the security of sensitive products both on air and maritime transport. The strength is the willingness of HPI since its inception has been to change the face of new threats and polymorphic acquire new skills, both technically human. A constant presence on the ground combined with a continuous watch of the news of Malice and new technology allows us to put updated risk to better control them or to anticipate and to propose tactics and new work and new technologies.
In order to improve transport security while avoiding the logistical concerns of our customers, HPI offers the set up of a service involving the security and transportation.
These two services combined have the advantage for our customers to earn a secure transport and reduced overall cost while dealing only with one partner. The choice of a vehicle will depend on the nature of the product, its volume or mass to carry and travel time. From 38 T to the van through the Berlingo, we propose to map a type of vehicle. In addition, in the case of transport of products requiring a constant temperature, an insulated vehicle may be provided. For information, the payload for a van is around 1,500 kg on 4 pallets with dimensions of 1 , 20 x 0.80 m, while the payload of a truck is 12 t 5 t for 16 pallets with dimensions of 1.20 x 0.80 m.
¨ A single source for transportation and safety notes • Reactivity • Reduction of Cost

¨ General Speed and time savings, vehicle limited to 130 km / h, no tax cuts during journeys

¨ Driver safety notes • Securing vehicle, cameras, alarms, etc ... tag. · Snowmobile safety, possibility of taking a motorcycle according to the configuration of the escort · Make camouflage vehicles according to the types of missions