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61,avenue de l'Europe - ZAC la Malnoue -
77184 EMERAINVILLE - France
Tel : +331 60 05 66 21
Fax : +331 60 06 68 27
Regulation :

Obligations and responsibilities of the headteacher management of social conflict and
 crisis communication.                                              

Security :

Agent for Prevention and Safety Gestures

Gestures technical prison environment and techniques Inquiry in Intervention

Gestures and technical communication for municipal police                 

Fire prevention :

Pickets Fire Officer Second Evacuation Crewmember Statement of Fire

 Safety Officer SSIAP1 - SSIAP2 - SSIAP3

Recycling, retrofitting:

SSIAP1 and Team Leader SSIAP2 Fire

Chief Fire Service SSIAP3

First Aid Companies:

Lifeguard First Aid

Training Labour DA (Automated Defibrillator)

1st Aid Level 1 and Team 2 (PSE1, PSE2)
Various :

Ergonomics, gestures and postures

power Authorization

Authorization B0-H0 driving carts & motorized

handling Health and Safety Committee and Working Conditions